The impossibility of lining up all the ducks….

The original idea of this blog was a simple one; to attempt to catalogue some of the finer eating experiences across the region. I won’t say that this has failed, but I do think that – at least for now – that it’s clear that a combination of time constraints and a clouded focus has me clutching at any specific topic/subject for discussion.

Perhaps a brief history of the name of the blog?

The wedding was last August; a wonderful affair (as these things are wont to be), with the locals panicking over the early rain that morning, but with the sparse Irish under no illusions that it would not remain in place past the small hours of the A.M. Work (if one could call a constant stream of non-appreciation and abuse work…) obligations meant that there would be no immediate honeymoon, not that we were overly concerned with such matters at our advanced age (combined age of 70 on the day in question), and we knew we could plan something for the future if we so desired. No Caribbean cruise for us, no trek through the Viking frosts of Norway, but rather a weekend in nearby Ljubljana. Not exactly Vienna or Paris, assuredly, but the Slovene capital is a joy for the gastrophile, something I was unaware of during previous visits. Five months later and I am long gone from that waste of space magazine, and in far more control of my own time: Ljubljana finally happens in January, 2014.

I can’t say that I’ve *not* eaten horsemeat in the past, certainly not when Western Europe was so gripped by the horsemeat scandal shortly after I relocated, meaning I had probably had Boxer rather than Daisy for any given dinnertime. But as the media – sometimes – pointed out at the time, horsemeat is actually far more healthy than beef, leaner, more flavour, etc., and steak is such a cliché isn’t it? I mean, you go somewhere nice, and you turn almost immediately to the ‘steak’… It makes us, as diners, look foolish if truth be told.

The wife, since she’s the cooking/baking addict, had it all planned out. Gostilnica XXI was our port of call for Friday night. Surprisingly the proprietor was bemused to discover us actual tourists, since the majority of his custom came from locals (which includes students from a nearby dorm), with the hoi polloi rarely making the trip to his restaurant. Well, here I most definitely had horsemeat, and it was much like spiced beef… I will try it again, in burger form, once I make my way back to Ljubljana, or some other city in which I might trust the contents of my bap… In China a shipment of donkey meat was returned because it contained fox. Given the general dilapidation of the Zagreb exterior, I’d be wary of trying anything like ‘horse’ on a local menu. Anyway, visit this place when in Slovenia, and in the evening, because you will thoroughly enjoy the bizarre atmosphere.

It’s breakfast here (in real time Central Europe), so I’ll leave off on the second restaurant until the next time. I’m still getting the hang of the idea of blogging, blogs being things I read rather than write. Until next time. Vidimo se.


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