Better a late start than no start at all

Being a part ofWhere I'm standing, an inch is a mile... an expat community* is not something I ever really envisioned (or envisaged if truth be told) of myself. Of course, life takes what twists and turns it will and so I find myself happily ensconced in Croatia. Getting used to a radically different culture brings it’s own problems, and unfortunately the only real advice I can offer to others who might find themselves in the same boat in years to come, is to complain… complain, bitch, and moan. Seriously. There are those who will tell you to “forget the old country, you’re living here now”, but what do they know? It took me months to find decent milk, and after two years I am now resigned to my future butter coming through the post. Teabags I have, in abundance, since the wedding, and a six pack of stout sits chilling in the fridge until such time as the thirst takes me. That a country like Croatia, with a comparable population and area, cannot make butter, astounds me even now, but again we shall persevere.

This inaugural post is not about complaining, however, and nor is it the overall theme of the blog. With any expat (that word again) community comes a multitude of blogs, extended Facebook postings, and the like, and one supposes that one feels a bit left out if one cannot have one’s opinion heard. That being said I don’t think my opinions of Croatia would go down overly well with the Croatian populace, in a broad sense, but we can leave that for another day and another post. Indeed, we may as well leave it at that for now, and return come the dawn, when I hope to begin on a more food orientated, and certainly a more focused, path. You see, a great many of those pre-existing blogs also talk about food, and rant and rave about how great this is, and how fantastic that is… I am exceptionally hard to please when it comes to food and hope to inform what few readers I might have over the coming weeks, months, and years. And, like any virginal blogger, I must familiarise myself with the inner workings of WordPress. Until next time…

* I disagree entirely with the use of the term ‘expat’, since in the modern world I can hardly consider myself so removed from my homeland that a short journey could not see me returned.


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